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About Us

MailPost provides cutting edge promotional print and distribution services to local and regional advertisers. Why do advertisers big and small want to partner with MailPost? Because we are the only service provider that guarantees its distribution.

Unaddressed promotional mail is second only to personalised mail as consumers most preferred medium for receiving marketing and promotional communications. It is preferred over TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and email.

Our Mission

To support our customer’s growth by providing the best value in print and letterbox distribution and ensuring that each targeted household receives their promotional material without fail, each and every time.

We provide excellent value services with:

Competitive unaddressed mail distribution rates
Confidential VIP rates available to consistant advertisers
Quality printing services at "too good to be true" prices
Guaranteed delivery by using Owner Operator Posties, and
GPS - Satellite Audit Tracking Technology

Our Premium Services

Discounted Printing
Due to our extremely high printing valume each week, we are able to offer you discounted bulk printing at prices you can never imagine. Why not join us and save yourself a fortune in printing? View special offers.
Letterbox Distribution
Our Owner Operator Posites distribute to letterboxes all over Sydney each week, providing you with the highest quality letterbox distribution out there on the market. Join us and book your next distribution today! View special offers.
Print & Distribution
Why not do both with us? Why print somewhere else while we can offer you a much cheaper price? Why distribute somewhere else while we can offer you the highest quality service? So, what are you waiting for? View special offers.
GPS Tracking
All Posties carry a GPS tracking device as they do their daily jobs. It gives you peace of mind that your flyers are delivered each time. Rest assured that what you see on your GPS Report is exactly what has been walked. Read more...

Our Guarantee

MailPost Guarantee

MailPost guarantees 99% of ALL its customers' promotional material to be delivered*.

(*unless it is disclosed and returned to the advertiser)

What happens if MailPost fails to deliver the material as guaranteed?

If for some reason 99% of the printed material assigned for delivery is not delivered within a delivery pocket by our Postie, then MailPost will reimburse the print and distribution cost for that pocket or at its discretion, reprint and re-distribute that material at no additional costs to the customer within the effected pocket(s). View full details here...

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